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Kinder  Karavan  Child  Care PLLC
Proud to be part of your child's nurturing growth
We serve children from birth to 11 years of age. Our individualized services are suited for infants , toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergartners, as well as school age children. 
We will work with you to accommodate any specific age-related needs, including, but not limited to: behavioral development, personal hygiene, potty training, reading & writing, etc.
Our service includes a meal and snacks. We will be able to accommodate any food preferences and/or other special needs.

Kinder Karavan Child Care Services
Preschool Program
At 3-5 years of age, the child becomes a self assertive, purposeful being who has developed refined manual skills and is ready to use the most exceptional of human abilities: language. 
In our program where we provide opportunities to learn skills and attitudes that these children will need to meet demands of the future. Our play-based curriculum offers self-paced, child-centered learning activities to make the most of their time in our care. 
Infant/Toddler Care
During infancy we provide comfort, love and stimulation. 
For toddlers we emphasize linguistics, social and emotional development. We actively involve toddlers through a variety of art, crafts, movement and musical activities. Children will be able to play indoors and outside in our big backyard.
We provide opportunities for them to practice communication skills and develop their language. They learn to verbalize their emotions and will be learning ways to express themselves effectively in any social situation.
Before/After School Care
Children will have a safe and peaceful place to relax and do their homework. 
We serve children from Picnic Point Elementary school. We are also able to accommodate children from other schools; however, we do not  provide any transportation.